2017 -2018 School Year

TA classes with all books returned and fines paid by May 18 will receive a bag of goodies. 9 classes did last year. Will we have more this year?

April Contest

These 5 students each picked one of these books as their prize: Alex Luckart, Sarah Makar, Kaitlyn Western, Mathias Raleigh and Maddie Knorpp.

Match the books on display in the Media Center to the state that they were set in.
Books are displayed from all 50 states. Your challenge is to match 20 of them

This is the crew that represented OHMS at Riverton High School Liliana Smith, Lillian Richins, Ethan Hall, Kathryn Groneman, Aaron Warner and Ashlyn StringhamWe came in third (by 1 point)
Its time again for MARCH MADNESS

Prizes every weekWeek 1 3/5 - 3/9 = Scented book marks to everyone who votes
Week 2 3/12 - 3/16 = World's Finest Chocolate bar to 5 names drawn who voted this week
winners were; Amy Hammond, Clarissa Goh, Emma Maestri, Enoch Finley, Jeffery AbbotWeek 3 3/19 - 3/23 = Soadlicious gift cards to 4 names drawn who voted this week
winners were; Tyler Bowen, Madilyn Elmes, Liliana Smith, Christopher Chevalier, Ms. Allsop, Ms. LewisWeek 4 3/26 - 3/30 = GRAND PRIZE - Kimber Lambert


February will be our annual "Blind Date with a Book"What, you may ask is a blind date with a book?"An intriguing encounter with an intelligent students and an inspirational opus."

Chose a book by the description on its wrapping
Fill out the entry form for a chance to win these

The winner of the movie tickets is - Madelyn Call

January was "New beginnings"

Match the first sentence of books with the book title. These students won a free book; Thea Spigarelli, Madelyn Elmes, Liliana Smith,
Nathan Chevalier, Kate Francis, Clarissa Goh, Amy Hammond, Emma Maestri, Mathis Raleigh, Alex Raguskus, Lilly Richins, Kya Watson, and teachers; Ms. Lewis and Ms. Allsop


Monday count red icicles (29) - winners Kate Francis (student), Ms. Lewis (staff)Tuesday count the blue poinsettias (7) - winners Alexander Raguskus (student), Ms. Tweed (staff)
Wednesday count the white snowflakes (35) - winners Thea Spigarell (student) Ms.Strachan (staff)
Thursday count the Christmas tree ornaments (17) - winners Elise Tucker (student), Ms. Henderson (staff)
Friday count the purple balls on the tree (21) - winners Matt Butler & Christopher Chevalier (students) & Ms. Byerline (staff)

The winner of the Barnes & Noble gift certificate is Kate Francis for coming within a count of 2 for the ornaments all 5 days!

Then there was the guess/estimate of the number of balls in the container (87) - student winner Aubree Tryon and staff winner - Dan Gomez
The TA that won the container was Ms. Dejesus's

Congratulations everyone.

IMG_3728.JPGThe November contest will tie into the quotes on your TA doors. 11/13 - 11/17
Come pick up a flyer at the circulation desk - match the quote to the person who said it.
Don't forget to circle the college you support for Rivalry Week.
One name will be drawn from each school to win some BYU or U of U "stuff"
We had THREE winners;

Eliza Burton, Kya Watson and Maddie Knopp

Monday 10/23 - Thursday 10/26

GRAND prize for the student who comes the closest to the total number of ghosts that were hidden for all four days.

Each day a different number of friendly ghosts will be hidden in the Media Center
Closest guess to the exact number is a winner each day and the closest to the total of all four days will win the talking pumpkin pictured
Monday's winner = Brooke Hutcheon
Tuesday's winner = Packer Evans
Wednesday's winner = Dylan Ramos
Thursday's winner = Hanna Evans

Ms. Doehler took a 6,800 mile road trip across this country
Match her pictures on the bulletin board to the numbered locations on the map
(the captions on the pictures offer clues as to the location)

Only 3 students participated and ALL 3 got a prize!Thea SpigarelliLilian HuffOlivia Powell

2016 -2017 School Year
May's contest was to return all books and pay all fines.Each TA class that did so by May 24th was rewarded a "bag of goodies"And those TA classes are:AllsopBroadheadDeJesusNielsenPanekPerkinsTaylorTweedVan Pelt

April - National Poetry Month
Congratulations to winners
Thea Spigarelli
Maddie Knorpp


Congratulations to Sara Peterson for winning the pair of movie tickets Week 3.
One student will win a $20 Barnes & Noble gift certificate - drawing on Monday April 3rd - Congratulations Benjamin Raguskus


In February students could choose to have a "blind date" with a book.
Of those 48 students 10 names were drawn and they got to pick a "free" book to keep.
Congratulations to:
Cassidy Dean
Alexa Naylor
Anna Wrigley
Clarissa Goh
Madelyn Knorpp
Kimberlyn Lambert
Claire Reubenhemer
Aurora Miner
Emmalee Lizzarzo

January Contest

In conjunction with the Geography Bee
Do you know where 16 giant USA sculptures can be found?
visit the Media Center
every correct answer sheet get a prize!Congratulations!!!Megan JohnsonSarah MakerThea SpigarelliPam Henderson

Second Week of Contests12/12/2016 - 12/16/2016Count the designated ornaments on the tree in the Media CenterMonday (stuffed moose & bears) winner - Thea SpigarelliTuesday (snowflakes) winner - Victoria Elizabeth-Starr LabahnWednesday (apples) winner - Jonah HorneThursday (birds) winner - Maddie KnorppFriday ( gold balls) winner - Ana Christensen


Monday - count the stuffed moose and bear on the tree.

One winner each day will pick one of these games as a prize.

December Contest

Win a candy prize for you and this container for your TA class
Each day of the week you may make one guess as to the number of M&Ms in this special jar.Each day there will be from 2 to 5 winners.(The candy prizes are pictured next to the jar)At the end of the week the TA class with the MOST participation will be awarded the jar of M&Ms.

Monday winners are Kya Watson, David Ertel, Shelby Taylor, Kate Bair, Whitney Maxfield and Justice WallaceTuesday winners were Taylor Wood and Ms. Tweed.Wednesday winners were Shelby Taylor, Amy Hammond, Taylor Wood, and Kya Watson.Thursday winners were Elijah Barker and Mr. Cherry.Friday winners were Mr. Cherry and Ms. ChamberlainThe TA class with the most participation ALL week and winner of the light bulb full of M&Ms was Ms. DeJesus

From November 21 through November 30 come unscramble the Thanksgiving words and pick a scented bookmark!23 bookmarks were picked for this contestThank you for playing

October contest
10/24 - 10/26

Count the bones in this jar.

Top 10 closest counts win emojiand those 10 closest to the 216 bones were
Stephen MilerAmy HammondKennadee LawKinsley ZauggMae DutsonShelby TaylorKimberlyn LambertMeagan JohnsonMarissa MarstonElla SladeThe TA with the most participation was Ms. GreerMr. Nichols was the winning staff member
Congratulations to all


First Contest Sept. 9 - 16
Come pick up a picture to color at the Circulation desk.
Congratulations to our September winners: Megan Johnson and Taylor Wood.Staff winner was Ms. Patty.

As in previous years a LARGE bag of chocolates was awarded to those TA classes that returned ALL of their library books AND paid ALL of their library fines.

CongratulationsTA BraunTA WoodcockTA GreerTA TweedTA BeltranTA DeJesusTA Littell

Each day of the week 3/14 - 3/18 there will be a different shamrock type to count.

Congratulations to;Ella SpigarelliThea SpigarelliJonathan YoungSamyak VermaEliza HallOlivia Powell

February 2016 Contest

Choose a Blind Date book

When you pick one of these books you may unwrap it after taking it to the circulation desk to check it out. You will find a survey inside. After reading the book slip that filled out survey into the container on the desk. One lucky reader will win two Megaplex Movie tickets. Contest runs from Monday February 8 until Friday February 19.

Congratulaions Smantha Weiss

  • January Contest
  • How will do you know Award Winning books?

  • match the first sentence to the book title

Prizes for this month's winners

Enjoy your book;
Patrick Miles, Ella Spigarelli, Gary Hendricks, Thea Spigarelli and Ms. Jones

December's Contest"Books Make Great Gifts"
Guess how many KISSES are in this container
The three students with the closest guesses will win - - -
One of these books by a UTAH author.

The TA class with the most guesses will win the jar and its contents.

Ms. Messervy's TA class 100% guessed the number of kisses and won the jar full
Summer Ford guessed the exact amount of kisses (158)Ian DeJesus was nextfollowed by Nathan SillCongratulations and enjoy your books!
November Contest

Leaves Around the Library
There were 150+ leaves. They did not make it to the end of the Fiction Wall. :(

The lucky winners whose names were drawn at Oquirrh Fest Kick Off Assemblyeach won an Oquirrh Fest t-shirt 9th grade - Eliza Hall8th grade - Mariah Abbott7th grade - Eli Speelman
Displaying - Oquirrh-Fest 2015.jpg
Displaying - Oquirrh-Fest 2015.jpg

For each book you read, during the month of November only, fill out a leaf (at the circulation desk) with your name and the book's title. You will then receive a raffle ticket. The raffle will be held at the Oquirrhfest Assembly on November 30th. One winner during each assembly (7th, 9th and 9th grade) will be drawn by the SBOs and they will deliver the Oquirrhfest related prize. IF we get enough leaves to go around the library perimeter Ms. Doehler will donate $50 to Oquirrhfest. So ... start reading Oquirrh Hills.

October prizes

October Contest 10/19 - 10/23Each day of the week there will be a different item to count

Monday there were pumpkins (27)

Taylor Wood came the closest with 22

Tuesday cats pawed their way into the Media Center (19)Ella Spigarelli found 14

Wednesday - watch out! Spiders (23) are spinning webs today.

TWO WINNERS both found 15

Ruby Jackson

Logan Petterson

Thursday & Friday (it took this long to find the ghosts and answer the questions)

Congratulations Blake Syndergaard!

First contest of the 2015 - 2016 school year
Library BINGO

September Prizes

A winner every day!
Monday - Taylor WoodTuesday - Jocelyn Smith
Wednesday - Ella Spigarelli
Thursday - Aubrey Newman
Friday - Jonathan Young


The winner is ..... MAZE RUNNER

This month's contest will determine the one Utah author that appeals to most OHMS readers.
Congratulations James Dashner; OHMS students picked Maze Runner as their favorite!Congratulations to Kate Sievert, winner of the Barnes & Noble gift card!

March 2-6
On the entry form pick one team (book) from each of the 8 pairs. You may pick a treat when you turn in your form to either Ms. Doehler or Ms. Petersen.

March 9-13
On the entry form pick one team (book) from each of the 4 remaining pairs. Your name will be placed in a drawing for a free book. There will be four winners this week.
And those winners are;
Aleigha Curran
Taylor Wood
Erin Doyle
KT Hendricks
March 16-20
Make your choice of winners from the two remaining games. Katie Kohutek's name was picked by Mr. Glenn as the winner of the two Cinemark tickets. 017.JPG

March 23-27
There is only one book to pick. Your name will be placed in a drawing for a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card ONLY IF you have participated each of the four weeks.

December Contest
Next Week 12/8 - 12/12 WINNER EVERY DAY!!
Each day you will be asked to count a different ornament or answer a question about the ornaments on our Christmas Tree.Monday count the snowflakes (40)Azalia Thacker - WINNERTuesday count the purple ornaments (26)Aleigha Curran - WINNERWednesday what do the books on the tree have in common?
All of the books were Newbery Medal winnersAzalia Thacker, Katie KohutekBailey Knorpp, Jordan Van GesenAriana Curtis, Jonathan YoungALL WINNERSThursday How many bellsAbigail Jacketta, Kate Markmann, Maysen RolloFriday count the moose on the treeElla Spigarelli (tie breaker winner)

December Prizes

November Contest/Activity
These two books are the prize in this month's drawing. And the name Mr. Glenn drew out of 123 tickets was, Benjamin Hamilton.

To receive a ticket for the drawing you must fill out a tail feather to dress our Bulletin Board turkey. On that feather write the title and author of a book that has made a difference in your life.See Mrs. Doehler or Mrs. Petersen for the feather and further instructions.There will be 8 additional winners drawn who will get their choice of a hard cover book.Enter as many times as you want.Those 8 runner-ups are:Dane StringhamJoshua AdamsNicole HamakerRichard AbbottJulia GatesJason VanRyGracey HorneTea Flores

October Contest

There were 990 pieces of candy corn in this jar

Winners are;
Kylie Harding, Connor Lambert, Taylor Wood, Katie Hamilton, Susanne MaycockAND the jar goes to Ms. Allsop's TA

Staff winners:Mr. Larson, Ms. Henderson, Ms. Allsop, Ms. Jones

September ContestHow well do you know your OHMS building?
Winners:Justin Van RyAshley EastJason Van RyMarina BranwandElla SpiguarelliBen HaviliAbbie RossBeau Colledge

May features a contest for students and TA classesStudents - Outside the office there is a display case that has been decorated by the Media Center with stories that take place in various countries around the world. On each book is a representation of the flag of that country. Using a form from the Media Center match the country with the title and win a book from the prize collection.

Marina Brawand
Ms. Kidd
Ms. Stewart
Ms. Strachan
TA Classes - Your TA class will win a "bag of goodies" IF everyone in class has returned library books by May 23 AND all fines accrued during the year are paid by May 23.
Ms. Petrovich TA
Ms. K. Taylor TA
Ms. Woodcock TA
also for returning ALL of their library books and having a total of less tha $3.00 in fines due these TA classes won a half bag of candy
Ms. Allsop TA
Mr. Clark TA
Mr. Comstock TA
Mr. Monson TA

Ms. Nelson TA
Ms. Oberg TA
Ms. S. Taylor TA
Mr. Wirthlin TA


April is over and no contest?
Not really. Anyone checking out a book April 30th gets a treat if they mention this phrase "I saw the April contest."


A different contest each week !!

Week #1 - Book Fair questionaire
Winners: Richard Abbott, Keora Anderson, Ms. Jones
These winners got to pick from a selection of books that were in the Book Fair.

WEEK #2Count the shamrocks scattered around the Media Center

Monday's winner - Taite Morgan
Tuesday's winner - Jason Newman
Wednesday's winner - Justin Van RyThursday's winner - McKenna MorganFriday's winner - Justin Van Ry

Prizes Week #3How Irish are you?Answer 17 Trivia questions.WINNERSMs. TorresJosalyn Stacey(4 more 2nd place winners may pick up their prize)Marina Brawand, Emily Bluth, Julia Gates & Ms. Jones

Week #4
Match the woman to her significant accomplishment
And win one of these.

These are this week's winnersAshley EastIsaac AkiyamaMarina BrawardSamantha Stringhamand teachers; Ms. Strachan, Ms. Jones, Ms. Torres & Ms. Tweed


Count the "lips" in this jar

Ms. Allsop had the closest guess. Congratulations!

Ms. Allsop was the winner!!

Great Beginings Contestin January
Winners are:Kyle Peterson,Jason Newman, Kamber Barkley, Jonathan Young, Josalyn StaceyMs. Strachan & Ms. Stewart

December Contest
Match characters from Christmas books with their book title5 winners with correct answers will be chosen
There were 11 contestants and the only one to correctly identify all of the characters to their book was - Ms. Tweed
Congratulations Ms. Tweed


November 18, 2013 - Rivalry Week ContestCount the number of M&Ms in your team's jar - closest count wins these team items!Teachers & staff your closest count wins the jar!Teachers winning the jars were; Mrs. Dresser the blue and Mr. Hobbs the red.
Both winners are in Mrs. Byerline's TA class. Sarah Swank won for the U and Robert Walker won for the Y.
There were 105 contestants216 red M&Ms177 blue M&Ms

Grand Prize Winner for the October Contest:Michael Vey 2-in-1 was Adam Gowans

Contest begins Monday October 28 and ends Thursday October 31

Monday 10/28 Jason Newman fetched the prize for his count of pumpkinsTuesday 10/29 Megan Seng snatched a prize for her count of library catsWednesday 10/30 Taylor Stroud found a total of 54 cats/pumpkins & ghostsThursday 10/31 Gracey Horne spied the closest to the 30 ghosts that were hidden

This year's first contest questions can be answered with a visit to the Scholastic Book Fair being held in the Media Center

These are the winners;
Josie Ceneca
Brooklyn Deew
Marian Driggs
Ammon Fullmer
Spencer Fund
Julia Gates
Adam Gowans
Cera Gowans
Alex Groneman
Kathryn Hendricks
Connor Lambert
Amanda Lister
Riley Mortensen
Tyler Nelson
Brooke Sloan
Ella Spigarelli
Carter Walton
Congratulations to all - everyone who entered was a winner.

2012 - 2013

May's contest will be a Round-Up of all Library books and fines.

April is National Poetry Month

Match the poems on our bulletin board to their styles.18 students and 3 teachers accepted this challenge.2 students matched all 16 correctly;Cera GowansRebekah Longaker



Winners are:Rashae MoodyHanna SnowKyle PetersonRebekah Longaker

February ContestSomething for every student who turns in an answer sheet.Pick up answer sheets at the circulation desk.Answers can be found in the Book Fair. (29 students filled out the answer sheets and received rewards)

January we will do a mock Newbery
The following titles are considered contenders for the coveted award;
Crow by Barbara Wright
The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Laugh with the Moon by Shana Burg
Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead
Lions of Little Rock By Kristin Levine
The One and Only Ivan By Katherine Applegate(the 2013 winner)
Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz(one of three 2013 Honor Books)
Wonder by R.J. Palacio
Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis

.The award was announced at ALA conference on Monday 1/28/2013 Any who picked the winning title will get a $5 gift card from Barnes & Noble.(No one picked The One and Only Ivan)

Any who pick an Honor book will receive a consolation prize.(No one picked any of the three Newbery Honor books;1.Splendors and Glooms2.Bomb: The Race to Build - and Steal - the World's Most Dangerous Weapon3.Three Times Lucky)

The December contest centered around our Christmas Tree.

One winner each day
Friday's winner = Jason Van RyStaff = Ms. L. JonesThursday's winner = Nate WatanabeStaff = Ms. VanPeltWednesday's winner = Taylor StroudStaff = Ms. TorresTuesday's winner = Rebekah LongakerStaff = Ms. TorresMonday's winner = Carson ParkStaff = Ms. Tweed

We were the prize this month for Justin Van Ry. Congratulations, Justin, that's two contests that you have won!

Rivalry Week Media Center Contest
1.The BYU Cougars won the national championship in;
  1. 1984
2.The annual football rivalry between the Cougars and the Utes is referred to as;
  1. The Holy War
3.BYU has NEVER played in this Bowl Game;
  1. Rose Bowl
4.This Heisman Trophy winner came from BYU;
  1. Ty Detmer
5.The Utes have faced BYU every year since 1946 and they will again in 2013 but not again until;
  1. 2016
6.Another set of schools play a Holy War rivalry. They are;
  1. Boston College vs. Notre Dame
7.The basketball rivalry between instate Utah Division I schools is called;
  1. The Old Oquirrh Bucket
8.The University of Utah was first named;
  1. University of Deseret
9.Who leads in winning Utah’s Holy War games;
  1. University of Utah
10.Which school's football team ranked #3 and #4 in 2004 and 2008 in the nation?
  1. University of Utah

Hadley Case was the October Grand Prize winner!

Closest staff member wins the jar of bones...and that would be Mrs. Longeteig
Five runner-up prizes for the next 5 closest guessesEmily BluthDani BradyCarinne CrumAndrew MorreyPeter White

Where in the OHMS is.....?

September's Contest grand prize winner Justin Van Ry received a signed copy of Richard Paul Evans' book;
Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgen.

Runner up winners were

Jacklyn Parks, Kamille O'Hara and Maiah Bleak