OHMS has several computer labs, rooms and carts, available to all teachers, and a well-supplied library media center. Refer to the Google calendar below to see availability.
To schedule the library and/or its computers, contact Sandy Doehler. ext. 2364

Computer Labs

LMC - Library Media Center : The library has 32 PC computers
WRI - Writing Lab room #124 has 35 PC computers
Room 504 (adjacent to the LMC) = 35 PC computers

Streaming labs 35 computers

HP Laptops 32 computers

Silver Mac Lab- 30 computers
There are 6 Chromebook carts ranging from 35 to 40 devices in each
5 iPad carts with 20 to 30 units in each.
RES Lab : Special Education teachers only



1. On the calendar below, go to the day/s you need.
2. Each lab already reserved for any period on that day will appear as an event with that lab's name. Click on that lab for details about specific periods. If you see a note that says (a number)+ - please click on it as it will expand the window to show all the computers scheduled for that day.
3. If the lab is not showing on a day you need it, it has not been reserved and is still available all day.
4. Communicate to Sandy or Glen Richins the lab you would like to reserve, the date, and the periods needed. We will add you to the calendar.
Please read instructions on the cart before using the mobile labs AND please return the mobile labs to their housing room when your scheduled time is finished.

This is the calendar for all carts and rooms please disregard the heading of Chrome Lab

also if it says "more" then please click to see all of the events scheduled for that day.